2016 Term Lectures 

Inaugural Lecture: Sunday 31st July 2016

Professor William Horbury 

University of Cambridge

Paul and the Millennium

Week 1: Sunday 31st July - Friday 5th August 2016

Dr Johanna Stiebert

University of Leeds 

Fathers and their Daughters in the Hebrew Bible


Dr Wendy North and Dr Lionel North

University of Hull and University of Durham

John: Text and Theology


Professor William Horbury

University of Cambridge 

Ancient Jewish Perspectives on the Rise of Christianity

(including a visit to the Parker Library)

Week 2: Sunday 7th - Friday 12th August 2016 

Professor Hugh Pyper

University of Sheffield 

Fullness of Days: Ageing in the Hebrew Bible 


Professor James Crossley

St. Mary's University, Twickenham

Law, Purity and Ethics in the Gospel Tradition


Dr Priscilla Martin

University of Oxford 

Shakespeare and the Bible 

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