2020 Term Lectures

Week 1: Sunday 26th - Friday 31st July 2020 

Inaugural Lecture

Professor David Ford

University of Cambridge

Can we take the Gospel of John seriously?


Old Testament Lectures

Dr Eryl Davies

Bangor University  

Ethics and the Old Testament  


New Testament Lectures

Professor Joan Taylor

King's College, London

The Female Disciples of Jesus and their Legacy


Pat Merriman Memorial Lectures

Rupert Shortt

University of Cambridge

Outgrowing Dawkins: The Case Against Dogmatic Atheism

Week 2: Sunday 2nd - Friday 7th August 2020 

Eileen Stamper Memorial Lecture 

Dr Andrew Macintosh

University of Cambridge

Translating Hebrew


Old Testament Lectures

Dr Madhavi Nevader

University of St Andrews

Sovereignty - Divine and Human - in the Hebrew Bible


New Testament Lectures

Professor Judith Lieu

University of Cambridge  

Exploring Early Christian Letters


Supplementary Lectures

Dr Markus Piennisch

EUSEBIA School of Theology

The Biblical-Semitic Aspect of Hermeneutics

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