2021 Term Lectures

Week 1: Sunday 25th July – Friday 30th July 2021

Inaugural Lecture

Dr William Lamb, University of Oxford

Title TBC 

Old Testament course

Professor Holger Zellentin, University of Tubingen

“God’s Commandments to the Gentiles: Continuity and Change in Biblical, Talmudic and Qur’anic Law.” 

New Testament course

Dr James Carleton-Paget, University of Cambridge

'Jesus, his early followers and the Temple.' 

3 Pat Merriman Memorial lectures

Dr Casey Strine, University of Sheffield

‘Beyond Exile & Restoration: Involuntary Migration and the Old Testament’

Week 2: Sunday 1st August – Friday 6th August 2021

Eileen Stamper Memorial Lecture

 Dr Mary Cunningham, University of Nottingham

‘Faith and Doubt in Eastern Christian Interpretation of Scripture: The Case of the Apostle Thomas’

Old Testament course

Dr Adrian Curtis, University of Manchester

‘The Book of Judges: Disobedience, Deliverance, Disintegration’

New Testament course

Dr Elizabeth Shively, University of St Andrews

‘The Use of Jewish Scripture in Mark’s Gospel and the Exegetical Construction of Early Christian Identity’

3 lectures

Dr Mary Cunningham, University of Nottingham

‘Faith and Doubt in the Eastern Christian Tradition’

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